Specialization of Industries to Develop the SimCity


Specialization helps cities to specialize in industries that serve specific roles. Specialization can be in any of the big businesses. The SimCity game consists of five big businesses. They are electronics, mining, trade, drilling and gambling. It is a competitive business which shows ranking on the global leaderboard. This ranking on the leaderboard depends on profits for the duration of 12 months of these businesses.

Electronics: This specialization consists of manufacturing electronic items like TV, computers which require plastic and alloys which are manufactured within the city. The finished products are then traded on the Global Market as exports or on Great Works. This specialization requires educated workers. Unless there are good and educated residents they cannot provide specialized services. Providing good education facilities are required to help in development of electronic industries. Read some more simcity buildit tips here.

Mining: Coal mines and Ore mines are natural resources which have to be extracted. The main purpose of this business is to supply for internal consumption and for export. Export of these resources is very profitable. This industry requires many workers. Unless there are many residents in that area, the mining industry will not have many workers. Providing good transport facilities such as good roads and public transport workers may not be able to reach these areas. The roads should also be wide for big vehicles to come and go to these areas to transport the goods. Pollution is another factor that has to be controlled to keep the environment healthy.

Trade: This is export and import of goods in the Global Market. Buying low priced commodities and selling them at a profit is the main key for this business. It requires a Trade Depot to help in the trading business and a Trade Port for brisk business. Transport facilities should be good to help in development of trade.  Providing good air, train, water and land transport should be good. Proper planning of infrastructure will help to improve trade of the city.

Drilling: Crude oil can be extracted through drilling. This is a profitable business However it requires Oil Wells and Oil Refinery for processing crude oil. This processed oil is sold in the Global Market. Proper pricing is required to earn good profits. It requires well educated workers for higher posts while workers at lower level may be either educated or un-educated.

Gambling: Specialization in Gambling requires casinos to be built. It attracts tourists and high traffic. It also attracts criminal activities which require proper maintenance of law and order through additional policemen operating efficiently. It generates a lot of income but a lot of chaos too.

Others: Another common specialization is in education. As educated people are required for software and programming, education is one of most demanded need of the citizens. Other specializations include power, garbage and culture.

Specialized cities are more costly to run. The mayor requires a good and steady supply of Simoleons to run these specialized cities. With unlimited Simoleons from the SimCity BuildIt Tricks, the player can play the game of building these specialized cities efficiently.

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